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Dr Anguraj A

Vice Principal Impulsive Dynamical Systems, Fractional Differenti... View Profile

Dr Gunasekaran D

Associate Professor Operations Research, Differential equations, Graph... View Profile

Dr Devika A

Associate Professor Topology Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Latha Maheswari M

Associate Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Priyadharshini P

Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics-Computational Modeling... View Profile

Dr Thiagarajan M

Assistant Professor A good teaching experience in the filed of fluid d... View Profile


Assistant Professor An active researcher and my core area of research ... View Profile

Dr Banupriya K

Assistant Professor Mathematical modeling using Stochastic differenti... View Profile

Ms Kiruthika S K

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sivaraj C

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Senbagam Kasilingam

Assistant Professor Stochastri Process Operations Research... View Profile

Dr Anukokila P

Assistant Professor 9 years of teaching and research experience in th... View Profile

Mrs Saranya L

Assistant Professor Operation Research... View Profile

Mrs Nagajothi T

Assistant Professor Topology... View Profile

Mrs Umamaheswari V

Assistant Professor Operations Research... View Profile

Mr Tamil Selvan T

Assistant Professor Differential Equations... View Profile

Ms Nandhini Rajendran

Assistant Professor Differential Equations... View Profile

Mrs Asha Rani A

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Mrs Divya P

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari V

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Biolo... View Profile

Mr Tamilmani J

Assistant Professor Analysis, Topology, Fuzzy Topology... View Profile

Dr Nithya P

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Vivek D

Assistant Professor Interested in Research Area of Differential Equati... View Profile

Mr Pradeep R

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis ... View Profile

Ms Aarthi S

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Prabhakaran Sivalingam

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Finit... View Profile

Mr Charles S

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics , OR... View Profile

Dr Nithya V

Assistant Professor Control theory, Differential equations, Fuzzy sets... View Profile

Dr Ramkumar K

Assistant Professor Stochastic differential equations... View Profile

Dr Gayathri P

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile