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Dr Gunasekaran D

Associate Professor Operations Research, Differential equations, Graph... View Profile

Dr Banupriya K

Associate Professor Mathematical modeling using Stochastic differenti... View Profile

Dr Devika A

Associate Professor Topology Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Priyadharshini P

Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics-Computational Modeling... View Profile

Dr Latha Maheswari M

Associate Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Mrs Nagajothi T

Assistant Professor Topology... View Profile

Mr Charles S

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics , OR... View Profile

Dr Thiagarajan M

Assistant Professor A good teaching experience in the filed of fluid d... View Profile

Mrs Divya V V

Assistant Professor Operations research, Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Anukokila P

Assistant Professor 9 years of teaching and research experience in th... View Profile

Ms Aarthi S

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Prabhakaran Sivalingam

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Finit... View Profile

Dr Ramkumar K

Assistant Professor Stochastic differential equations... View Profile

Dr Ravikumar K

Assistant Professor Stochastic Differential Equation... View Profile

Mrs Divya V V

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics , Operations Research... View Profile

Dr Kavitha R

Assistant Professor 19 years of experience in teaching and research... View Profile

Dr Pradeep R

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis & Operator Theory... View Profile

Dr Gayathiri Palanisamy

Assistant Professor Broad Field of Research: Computational Fluid Dynam... View Profile

Dr Nithya V

Assistant Professor Control theory, Differential equations, Fuzzy sets... View Profile


Assistant Professor An active researcher and my core area of research ... View Profile

Mrs Umamaheswari V

Assistant Professor Operations Research... View Profile

Dr Nithya P

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics... View Profile

Mr Tamilmani J

Assistant Professor Analysis, Topology, Fuzzy Topology... View Profile

Ms Kiruthika S K

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari V

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Biolo... View Profile

Dr Sivaraj C

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Mr Tamil Selvan T

Assistant Professor Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Vivek D

Assistant Professor Research interest includes Numerical computations ... View Profile

Ms Nandhini Rajendran

Assistant Professor Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Senbagam Kasilingam

Assistant Professor Stochastri Process Operations Research... View Profile

Mrs Divya P

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Mrs Asha Rani A

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Anguraj A

Vice Principal Impulsive Dynamical Systems, Fractional Differenti... View Profile