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Dr Swaranalatha R

Professor Undertook research in Women Entrepreneurship on Em... View Profile

Dr Gopalakrishnan L

Associate Professor Marketing and Retail Management... View Profile

Dr Amaravathi M

Associate Professor Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources Manageme... View Profile

Dr Sripriya V

Associate Professor Marketing and Finance Specialization... View Profile

Dr Chitra V

Associate Professor Research, Consultancy Related to Finance and Inves... View Profile

Dr Divya Prabha D

Associate Professor Management... View Profile

Dr R Gokilavani

Associate Professor Energetic and enthusiastic Facilitator, trainer, a... View Profile

Dr Josephine Lalitha

Associate Professor Interested in Marketing and Tacking up Research Ac... View Profile

Dr Kavitha Ramu

Associate Professor Human Resources... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan K

Assistant Professor Expert in Information Systems, ERP... View Profile

Dr Gunasundari K

Assistant Professor Human Resource... View Profile

Mr Sujay Karthick S

Assistant Professor Expert in Human Resource Management and Operations... View Profile

Dr Ramya K

Assistant Professor Finance is the basic of business. Business is con... View Profile

Mr Kavipragash R

Assistant Professor Retail Marketing... View Profile

Mr Suraj P G

Assistant Professor Human Resources Management... View Profile

Dr Devaraj K M

Assistant Professor My area of Interest is Marketing and Systems... View Profile

Dr Menakadevi P

Assistant Professor Finance and HR... View Profile

Dr Vinodini Kanniappan Jayachandran

Assistant Professor HR & Marketing... View Profile

Dr Praba K

Assistant Professor Specialized in HR & Marketing; Research interests... View Profile

Dr R Ashok Kumar

Assistant Professor CRM and Marketing... View Profile