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Dr Brindha D

Principal Dr D Brindha is an active researcher and her core ... View Profile

Dr S Mohandass

Associate Professor Cancer Biology and Medicinal Plants... View Profile

Dr Victor Doss

Associate Professor Gloned a Gene named Vip3V... View Profile

Dr Ragavan B

Associate Professor Diabeties Mellitus Myocardial Infarstion... View Profile

Dr Priya K

Associate Professor Nano science and cancer biology... View Profile

Dr Sivaprasad R

Assistant Professor Specialize in Heavy Metal Toxicity, Role of Antiox... View Profile

Dr Santhi R

Assistant Professor Biotechnology, Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Venkatalakshmi P

Assistant Professor Immunopharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry, Biochem... View Profile

Dr Ramesh B

Assistant Professor Clinical Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Sakthivel K M

Assistant Professor Awarded DST-SERB National-Post Doctoral Fellowship... View Profile

Dr Malathi M

Assistant Professor Awarded Doctorate Degree from Bharathiar Universi... View Profile

Ms Sathya S

Assistant Professor Nanotechnology, Biofilm and Biofouling control, M... View Profile

Dr Valarmathi S

Assistant Professor Clinical Toxicology... View Profile

Dr Rajan T

Assistant Professor Dr.T.Rajan graduated from Bharathidasan University... View Profile

Dr Lavanya K

Assistant Professor Cancer Biology and nanotechnology... View Profile

Dr Suseela V

Assistant Professor Nanotechnology in cancer therapeutics... View Profile

Dr Thangavelu K

Assistant Professor A very good teaching and research experience in th... View Profile